Digital Growth Hub

What is the Digital Growth Hub?

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

We are a self-financing commercial operation offering innovative services and solutions in the North East of England.

Our region possesses many innovators in the digital technology sector whether they be renowned international large companies, SMEs or emerging innovation led micro businesses.

As the NELEP – North East Local Enterprise Partnership, Digital for Growth Executive Summary recently stated;
‘’Businesses and organisations across all sectors are increasingly adopting technological solutions to improve productivity and processes through digital transformation. We have several hubs and networks, each with their own identity, funding sources and memberships. Collectively they contribute to our compelling support offer, especially when coordinated and presented as being greater than the sum of its parts”.

We fully agree and support the initiative but the Digital Growth Hub is non funded, non-membership and above all, we are not restricted by public funding constraints. We are free to co-operate with our extensive networks and partners delivering the needs of our clients.

We have both business and solution support via our cluster of business experts and/or the input and insight in the use of digital technology solutions.

Our clients are emerging or hi-growth businesses and/or businesses wishing an insight and source for digital technologies.

We are the central source of initiatives, information and provision from the Business Acceleration Team and the Innovation & Technology Group.