We provide access to high growth business provision.

In the UK we are known for our innovation and innovators but to achieve high business growth, entrepreneurs need access to a wide range of leadership disciplines.

The skillsets required for entrepreneurs, whether from the outset or as the business matures, are those provided by the Business Acceleration Team.

The Business Acceleration Team has been meticulously put together, consisting of individual proven experts, to provide the ongoing resource in order to achieve high business growth.

Our experts work individually and/or collectively based on your needs.


Our clients are emerging or hi-growth businesses and/or businesses wishing an insight & source for digital technologies.

We also provide the facility to address challenges within the business seeking cost effective and/or technological solutions. Let’s talk …..


  • Innovation & Technology Group
  • Business Acceleration Team
  • Innovation Connections

Innovation & Technology Group Innovation & Technology Group

Digital Technologies with Business and
Business with Digital Technologies

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Business Acceleration Team Business Acceleration Team

Providing the resource for high growth businesses

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Innovation Connections Innovation Connections

Innovation Hubs and Clusters in the North East of England

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