Business growth and development

We provide access to sustainable high growth business provision

Our clients are emerging or hi-growth businesses and/or businesses wishing an insight & source for digital technologies.

In the UK we are known for our innovation and innovators but to achieve high business growth, entrepreneurs need access to a wide range of leadership disciplines.

The skillset required for entrepreneurs, whether from the outset or as the business matures, are those provided by the Business Acceleration Team.

The Business Acceleration Team has been meticulously put together, consisting of individual proven experts, to provide the ongoing resource in order to achieve sustainable high business growth. We provide the opportunity to outsource business skills on both a short or long term basis and without strings attached.

For those businesses requiring knowledge and input in digital technology, we work in conjunction with our independent experts within the Innovation and Technology Group particularly for those requiring to innovate their processes and resource.

Our experts work individually and/or collectively based on your needs and we believe in offering affordable and effective professional services. As a result, we obtain a high proportion of our work through client and industry recommendations.

Our market expertise and experience is wide ranging and operate where we can add value but as an organisation our specialism is in four industrial and market sectors;


  • Water Industry
  • Smart Cities and Garden Villages
  • IoT and IIoT
  • Ageing and Health

For example we are currently working with a software company enter into the water sector via our sector specialist working in conjunction with one of our business acceleration team members and an IoT specialist within the Innovation and Technology Group.

You can find out more about the sectors via the links below.

Challenges Vs Solutions

We also provide the facility to address challenges within the business seeking cost effective technological solutions.

We’re not a fan of Design Sprints nor Hackathons. They tend to be one sided. We favour identifying and understanding the problem, writing up the challenge in order to use our significant networks to bring about cost effective solutions.

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Our expertise and provision

Providing the resource for high growth businesses


Vision • Strategy • Innovation • Non Exec Directors • Senior Board Management

”Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right”– Professor Warren G. Bennis


Commercial Law • Commercial Contracts • Intellectual Property • Business Information Technology • Franchising • Data Protection • Business Start Ups

The solicitors work with businesses from across the spectrum in all shapes and sizes, from software gaming companies, creative and digital businesses and publishers through to national PLCs.


Accountancy and Outsourced Services • Investor Readiness • Corporate Finance • Audit and Assurance • Business Tax • Personal Tax 

For clients wishing to outsource every aspect of their finance function, we offer offer a market leading ‘OutsourcedFD’ service designed for business owners who want quality, timely, management information and the compliance burden removed from them.

Marketing and Communications

Full Marketing Services • Strategy • B2B • B2C • Graphic Design • Illustration • Web Design • UX/UI

Our experienced and leading experts  work independently and in teams to deliver what is required by the organisation and the markets they operate in where quality and affordability is key.

Bid Writing

Bid Writing • Funding Applications • Senior Sector Specialists • Hands On Support

Providing innovative, pragmatic solutions to clients who need assistance at any point throughout the Bid Cycle.

Business Psychology

Business Psychology • Health Improvement • Professional Training, Consulting, Coaching and Leadership Support in person and online

Specialising in psychological and emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, behaviour change, and based on latest research, enabling organisations understand what employees need in order to thrive in diverse environments including working from home or in the office.

  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities & Garden Villages
  • Water Sector
  • Health & Ageing

Internet of Things Internet of Things

Internet of Things and sensor technologies for commercial and industrial insights.

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Smart Cities & Garden Villages Smart Cities & Garden Villages

Bespoke consultancy services and subject matter expertise in smart garden villages and development.

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Water Sector Water Sector

Bespoke consultancy services and subject matter expertise in the water and environmental sector.

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Health & Ageing Health & Ageing

Bespoke consultancy services in the ageing and health sector.

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