Our region possesses many innovators in the digital technology sector whether they be renowned international companies, SMEs or emerging innovation led micro businesses. We also have world leading academics across our five North East Universities.

In 2020 we are bringing together Newcastle University School of Computing,  Newcastle University Business School, Institute of Coding at Newcastle University and the Sphere Network launching our monthly ….. Tech Tuesday and Digital Thursday

From June 2020 we are taking Digital Thursday virtual and online via Zoom


Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the effect on the Future of Work

08 September, 2020 | 16:00

Newcastle University

Tech Tuesday takes place on the second calendar Tuesday of each month at the Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle Helix courtesy of Newcastle University School of Computing.

This programme of events will address both emerging and current technologies giving an insight as to;

What it is
What it can do for your organisation
Where you can get it AND at what expected cost

Pleased to announce main presenters on 10th March from Accenture, ADLINK Technology and School of Computing.

Event details
Digital Thursday

Digital Thursday

Lockdown and Digital Health – leadership insights and innovation from the front-line

16 July, 2020 | 12.30

Virtual via Zoom

'’Digital transformation requires a cultural change that involves a shift in leadership thinking to continually challenging the status quo, encouraging innovation (experiment often and get comfortable with failure), and the introduction of new business models.’’

But how does this affect Digital Health?

Lockdown and Digital Health – leadership insights and innovation from the front-line

Digital Thursday in July will discuss;

1. Pandemic as the tipping point for adopting digital innovation
2. Not going out - digital lifelines for the shielded and vulnerable
3. How might we transform the future of social care? (Will the Covid pandemic do for Social care what WW2 did for the NHS?)

Event details