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03 May, 2023 | 17.30 | Gallowgate, Newcastle

Q: ChatGPT : Threat or Opportunity?

A: ”As an #AI language model, I do not pose a threat or an opportunity to anyone or anything. I am simply a tool designed to provide assistance & facilitate communication”

However, some people may view the increasing capabilities of AI technology as a threat to their jobs or livelihoods, while others see it as an opportunity for new developments and advancements in various fields. Ultimately, the impact of AI depends on how it is implemented and used, and it is up to individuals and organizations to make ethical and responsible decisions regarding its application.”

Join us in person in central Newcastle on Wednesday 3rd May between 5.30 and ~7pm for an insight and debate on Chat.GPT

Chat.GPT will be joining as our special guest to encourage our discussions and challenge our thinking.

Please register your interest in attending via https://lnkd.in/g5-Cdkaw as we have limited numbers for this event.


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32 Gallowgate
Newcastle upon Tyne

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