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Through our specialist partner we are able to offer our customers bespoke consultancy services and subject matter expertise in the ageing and health sector.

Our support will enable you to make the connections needed between your business, product, funding, and customers to add real value to your organisation.

Collaborate with us to become part of the innovation-led growth in the region we are striving to achieve.

Why ageing, why now?

For much of the past 200 years, mankind has steadily increased average life expectancy.  Increasing longevity presents subtle but powerful drivers for change; if we are to make the most of this success and minimise its pitfalls.

Managing the way we age, how we treat those damaged by the ageing process, and how we address the very real inequalities in the experience of ageing that exist in our society, are essential to achieve sustained resilience and growth in a world where the average age is substantially higher than our current arrangements are designed for.

National, regional and local government, and health service providers are urgently seeking new approaches to reduce costs and scale up care services in the face of workforce challenges.  Older consumers are seeking products and services which address and are compatible with their needs. Businesses are beginning to see the potential new markets this brings, but few yet understand the complex, interrelated and often counter intuitive issues.  Nevertheless, if we are to create sustainable, vital and economically viable environments, they must be places in which all of us can live, work and thrive, regardless of age.  Creating the solutions that enable this is delivering new market opportunities for economic regions and companies willing and ready to evolve.

What we can offer

Whatever your sector, demographic ageing will affect your business.  By connecting with us we can provide a range of innovation support activity from sector insight, innovative solutions, and new networks that will add value to your organisation.

Our Services

Market Insight and Advice

Market Insight and Advice

Whether you are looking to create new products for the sector, make existing offers more age inclusive or simply to make the most of the opportunities created by an ageing society, we can provide valuable market insight and access to industry expertise to help shape your business plan.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

Access our ecosystem of international, UK and regional relationships and networks to develop new partnerships, engage with potential customers, and identify gaps in your supply chain to ultimately stimulate new business opportunities.

Project & Innovation Funding

Project & Innovation Funding

Occupying the space between research organisations, technology companies, and financiers, we can provide valuable insight from end-users and potential customers, and access to technology solutions to help you build compelling business cases.

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