Expert Support

Through our experienced specialist partner, we are able to offer our clients bespoke consultancy services and subject matter expertise in the masterplanning and development of smart communities.

Our support will enable you to advance the preparation of plans for the creation of smart communities or garden villages that will be both unique and innovative, setting a standard unparalleled in the United Kingdom.

Collaborate with us to become part of the innovation-led growth in the region we are striving to achieve.

What is a Smart Community?

The UK is neither delivering the quality nor the quantity of new innovative communities, especially genuinely sustainable towns and villages, creating places where people want to live, learn and work with credible choices in recreation, retail, sustainable travel and mobility.

All new development must focus on environmental sustainability but must also address social and economic factors setting exemplars for new communities and villages.

Such opportunities should generate employment, wealth and value. The incorporation of leading-edge technologies can create new and better jobs where new transferable skills are needed.

New communities must create opportunities for people to live and work in their own smart homes, embedded with digital and technological innovation, thereby leading to exemplary transformational developments for all ages.

What we can offer

Whether a developer, a master-planner, a community or an investor we can provide leading advice to help you create a deliverable, unique and innovative development plan supported by active business models to create an exemplary development.

We believe that innovative and exemplary designed new settlements, to include smart homes and employment opportunities will stimulate the development of emerging technologies, service and products for the built environment, smart cities and advanced manufacturing sectors.

For those seeking to develop smaller developments, the same input and insights are still available. This is about what we should be building, where and how from those that have set the standards for others to follow.


Our Services

Market Insight and Advice

Market Insight and Advice

We understand the markets, the barriers to delivery and can custom planning and designs to create deliverable smart cities , smart garden villages and communities.

We have a depth of knowledge and expertise into both business structures and delivery models to create exemplary innovative developments.

If you want Market Insight and Advice, it just takes one call.

Master Planning expertise

Master Planning expertise

Our master planning expertise bringing together research organisations, technology companies and financial expertise we can provide valuable insight to help you deliver your smart garden villages and communities.

Our experience to date has been modelling ~2,000 smart homes incorporating green infrastructure, mobility and innovation centres.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

Access our ecosystem of international, UK and regional relationships and networks to develop new partnerships, engage with potential delivery partners and identify gaps in your delivery chain to ultimately stimulate deliverable opportunities.

Right partners = Right outcome.

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