Expert Support

Through our specialist partner we are able to offer our customers bespoke consultancy services and subject matter expertise in the water and environmental sector.

Our support will enable you to make the connections needed between your business, product, funding, and customers to add real value to your organisation.

Collaborate with us to become part of the innovation-led growth in the region we are striving to achieve.

Why water, why now?

There is no life without water and there is no alternative to water.

Managing our water resources in a sustainable way is not only critical to tackle our global climate emergency, it is fast becoming essential for business resilience and growth.

Climate change will only intensify the risks associated with both water availability and quality which in turn are increasing the investment needed for water infrastructure. These financial implications, coupled with growing regulatory changes to the water sector, and the development of smarter systems around the world are shaping the water market and opening up opportunities for economic regions and companies willing and ready to evolve.

What we can offer

Whether a technology company or an end user, by connecting with us we can provide a range of innovation support activity from sector insight, innovative solutions, and new networks that will add value to your organisation.

Our new entity, the UK Water Hub, is currently in discussions to embrace the research & development within the regional universities to provide an insight and connection to industry. We hope to make an announcement in late Spring 2023.


Our Services

Market Insight and Advice

Market Insight and Advice

Whether looking to transition into the water and environment sector, or expand your current products and services, we can provide valuable market insight and access to industry expertise to help shape your business plan.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Partnerships & Collaboration

Access our ecosystem of international, UK and regional relationships and networks to develop new partnerships, engage with potential customers, and identify gaps in your supply chain to ultimately stimulate new business opportunities.

Project & Innovation Funding

Project & Innovation Funding

Occupying the space between research organisations, technology companies, and financiers, we can provide valuable insight from end-users and potential customers, and access to technology solutions to help you build compelling business cases.

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